(If you are at the beginning of your practice, start with out Master Your Target Market Course. If you want to have a complete program from start to finish + a master-mind group of like-minded individuals, check out our Indestructible Success Inner Circle.)


Rang in the New Year hooping with Shaq (yep, Shaquille O'Neal) at the
high-end Carribean Viceroy Resort in Anguilla

Was featured on the French version of 60-Minutes, which did a feature on her, Hoopnotica and her teaching (and get this, she spoke French for the entire interview)

Jacqui went from Hooping on The NYC Subways for lunch money to working in the C-Suite of the world's biggest Hoop company in a few short years.

Did we mention she was recently featured hooping on ABC news biggest show, Good Morning America.

Like I said, there is a litany of thrilling, mind-blowing adventures Jacqui has flown through on her mission to share her light. 

All because she made a decision. A decision literally means "to cut off." She said "no" to what no longer worked and "yes" to her dreams. 

Don't get me wrong. Jacqui works hard. Anyone who experiences their dream life works hard. But she doesn't just work hard on business, she gets the support to work with herself. 


Are you called to a bigger game?

-write books, create signature programs, speak to hundreds or thousands, step into the spotlight?

Are you ready to play your bigger game?
If so, here is how: 

You make a Choice
You get Coaching
You work with the Four Pillars of Indestructible Success: Vision, Action, Courage and Confidence.

Are You Ready To Get Results?

I promised that today I would give you the opportunity of a lifetime. 
This year, 2013, could be the year that you step into your spotlight. 

Once In A Lifetime Opportunity
Starting January 1st TODAY, I am opening the doors to your V.I.P. coaching program PLUS an ADMIT ONE PASS to all of the phenomenal group programs in 2013. 


For the holistic health professional that wants to shine their light on stage and with media (books, audio, video, etc.), you get:

Coaching - mindset, strategy, emotional clearing - results oriented - world-class cut the bull-shit coaching

Business Building Systems - done for you templates for marketing, sales, administration of your "expert" business, mastermind, feedback - speaking gigs

Speaking Training - I'll give full access to everything I have learned as a professional speaker, trainer and workshop leader

Publishing - I'll pull back the veil and reveal the way the world of books, audio programs, video, DVD's, CD's really works

The value of the deliverables:

Exclusive monthly one on one sessions with Seth Braun - No more procrastinating, kick out lack of clarity, get over the fear.  

Value - $10,000 a year

Review and Feedback on your materials and content, as well as the done-for-you marketing and business templates

Value - $2,500 a year

On-Call Coaching (Nervous about a radio interview? a talk? a proposal?) - This means calling me ANYTIME. Yep. Anytime. 

Value - $2,500 or priceless!

Done for you business templates - (writing, marketing, speaking)

Value - $1,000 a year

Total Value of Program - $16,000 a year + (The Cost of one year of college - have you ever received that much value from college?)

Your Investment?
 - $16,0000 a year
 - $10,0000 a year
 - $8,0000 a year


In one year, you can expect to have made lasting, powerful, measurable results. 

You can count on being clear about actions to take. 
You can count on feeling more fear and moving through it.
You can count on challenge.
You will have more clients. 
You will create new programs. 
Your business will grow. 
You will have higher quality problems. (Sorry, but you're problems will not go away)

And The Results That You Can Count On:

consistent income, 
regular speaking gigs,
doing less, achieving more, 
paid speaking engagements,
book on the way or published,
speaking gigs that generate clients 
working with ideal clients that become raving fans


As a women's wellness coach and hypnotherapist, I work with clients all over the country to empower them by re-establishing their connection to the true self, thus reawakening the inner spirit to take control of their lives. 
Working with Seth has been an absolute blessing. My skills in marketing and business have always been limited. I would rather someone else take care of that stuff and leave me to do my work! But Seth has given me invaluable advice and counseling on how to turn my dreams into a reality and do it in a way that feels authentic. I no longer fear the business of my work, and know my practice will continue to grow so that I am able to help more women to take back their joy and power in life. 

-Iris Higgins, author of The Essential Gluten-Free Baking Guides, www.thedailydietribe.com

I don't believe there is much new to be discovered about how to  achieve success in anything, be it marriage, Health, business, music. What is ever new is a teacher who is himself successful.  Seth Braun embodies success.  He evokes my respect and admiration and I can't pay him a higher compliment.  Seth is unstoppable. He faces his fear. He is a great student of great teachers.  He is young, raw,
hungry, magnetic.   Get in his presence any way you can and he will infect you with power. 

- Charley Cropley, Master Teacher, Colorado's First Naturopathic Physician



I promised that I would make this an offer you cannot refuse. If you are ready to be an author, speaker, expert in the holistic health space, this is an over-the-top, unbeatable, undefeatable, unconquerable and umatched level of support and direction. 

Three lucky people that sign up for the VIP Indie Success Holistic Author-Speaker V.I.P. Mentorship in the next 10 days will get these incredible bonuses:

1. Public Speaking for Health Professionals Course 
You will get every step of process spelled out with Done-For-You templates on how to book great talks, with great audiences, that get you clients, spread your brand, get you fans while teaching you how to structure your content and delivery for success. 
- Value - $1,750

2. Best-Selling Book Course
You'll get access to exclusive calls on how to write, publish and promote your own book, including the exact formula I used to hit best-seller status with three books. 
- Value - $997

3. Indestructible Success MasterMind Group
These once a month calls feature a little known MasterMind process for turbo-charging your mind for success. 
- Value - $2,997


4. A One-Day LIVE retreat with Seth Braun
This full day live one-on-one VIP coaching will give you a massive blast of energy, strategy and clarity as you bring the principles of Indestructible Success to life in your business. (If you knew how much you'd get from this, you would register immediately.) 
- Value - $1,997


Total Value of V.I.P Program: - $16,000

Total Value of V.I.P + Bonuses: $23,741

For the next week, only $6,000 -

Let's recap :

There comes a time when you need to make a decision.
Once you make that decision, life supports you in making the dream a reality in unexpected ways.
Find the right coaching, support and mentors.
Step out in faith.

Review what you get from the Indie Success Holistic Author-Speaker V.I.P. Mentorship:

You get one-on-one world-class VIP coaching  
You get my best done-for-you- templates and resources. 
You get my review and revisions on your content and materials. 
You get on-call coaching for big events, big decisions and big days

Total Value: $16,000

And take a moment to consider everything you will get when you register between now and January 7th.

Public Speaking Course
Best-Seling Book Course
Pass To The MasterMind Group
A VIP Day with Seth Braun

Total Value: $7,741.00

This $23,741.00 program, available for  $6,000 or only $500 a month until 1/7/13, isn't for everyone. I know that. That is OK. 

There will be individual programs perfect for them in 2013. 

If YOU are at a turning point  - - - and - - - you are ready to work with a world-class coach - - - and - - - make the kind of decision that will dramatically improve the quality of your life.


You're called to your spotlight to shine as a professional speaker, author and expert in the holistic health field.


This is for you if you have a dream and you are willing to step out of the programming of your past to make it real. 

If this is you, then take a deep breath, center yourself, allow the spine to be straight and the breath deep as you check in with your intuition. 

Are you ready?
If so, then you here is what you are going to do:

Click the link below
Invest 15 minutes to answer the questions
Submit your answers

Then, we will review your intake questionnaire. If there is a good fit, we will call or email you to schedule a 60 minute session. If we don't think there is a good fit, we will let you know why. 

If you believe that we are wrong and want to work with us, then you'll have an opportunity to make your case. Then we may review your application again. 

What happens in the 60 minute session?

There is no cost for the 60 minute session. I will listen to you. That is most of what will happen. I will guide you at points to look into your fear to see what is wanting to emerge. You will tell me about your dreams, visions and goals. 

Then we will begin to determine if we are a good fit. 

If you have limited client experience, if you have little experience with speaking or training and if your writing skills are not adequately developed. 

If you are not serious about the level of commitment, action and honesty that stepping into your spotlight demands.

I can get results with any client, anytime, anywhere. But not every client is the right fit for this type of program. That doesn't mean someone is wrong, they are just in a different place, with different goals. 

If we determine that the fit is right, we will come to an agreement about your contract and if you are ready to step up, and I think we are a good fit, then we schedule your first three hour, half day V.I.P. Vision Into Action session (Skype or phone), which is the foundation for the rest of our work together. 

Take A Deep Breath, Click Here, Fill Out The Coaching Intake Form, Begin To Step Into Your Spotlight

 I want you to be wildlysuccessful. 

Get the authentic and dynamic support that you need to close the GAP between where you are now and where you want to be. 

To your dreams!

Seth and Family